User Agreement:

You hereby agree to all of the following:

  1. Definitions:
    1. 'We' / 'Us' refer to Online Aviation Parts
    2. 'Website' / 'Site' refer to all pages under the domain.
    3. 'Seller' / 'Vendor' refers to a third party user (in no way affiliated with us) using this marketplace under a seller account.
    4. 'Buyer' / 'Customer' refers to anyone buying items from our marketplace.
  1. Using this site.
    1. You agree to access/use this site EXCLUSIVELY for the following purposes:
      1. Viewing products or information we host,
      2. Creating or updating account information,
      3. Using the hosted PayPal form to pay for orders,
      4. Inquiring about listed products you're interested in,
      5. Communicating with a Seller about an item he/she sold you,
      6. Communicating with website administrators about:
        1. reporting suspicious or fraudulent users,
        2. a webpage glitch or problem,
        3. inquiring about products, policies, or business,
        4. website help.
      7. Otherwise interacting with the site as instructed.
    2. In addition, you agree to follow these guidelines:
      1. Only make orders under your account or email address.
      2. Notify Seller as soon as you receive an order.
      3. Communicate with sellers about any item that is overdue to arrive, damaged, or not as described.
      4. Use PayPal's dispute resolution center for any monetary disputes.
      5. You will not use any description or image posted by us or any other user for any reason other than for viewing.
      6. You will not close your account if you have active purchases.
      7. Notify us if you have to change your email address, and provide the new one.
      8. You will NOT transfer account access or information to anyone else.
      9. Report any fraudulent or illegal activity, any violation of the terms of this agreement, or otherwise suspicious activity of any of the site users.
    3. Payments.
      1. By using the PayPal form we provide, you are agreeing to PayPal's term's and conditions.
    4. You agree that you will not use this site if you are under 18 years of age.
  2. Responsibility.
    1. You agree that you are solely responsible and liable for your use of this site, its tools, and and any information you provide.
    2. You agree that you are responsible for keeping your account information private.
    3. You agree that we make NO guarantee or warrantee for this website, its tools, links to other sites, or anything else in the universe unless specified in writing from us.
    4. Though we try to vet our Sellers very carefully, you agree that we are not responsible or liable for the conduct of Sellers on our site.
  3. Rights.
    1. You agree that we have the following rights:
      1. The right to remove or edit Sellers' listings and images.
      2. The right to limit, suspend, and/or remove your account.
      3. The right to moderate communications between users.
      4. The right to instruct users to resolve a dispute.
      5. The right to contact you about your use of this site.
      6. The right to promote our listings on this site in any way we deem necessary.
    2. We agree that you have the following special rights:
      1. The right to an explanation for policy enforcement.
      2. The right to an explanation for any account action of ours that affects your use of the site.
      3. The right to request your data.
      4. The right to demand data deletion.
      5. The right to close your account as long as you do not have any active orders or purchases.
    3. You agree that our logo and all other icons and software on this site are trademarks of Online Aviation Parts, and that we own all intellectual property rights to these.
  4. This agreement, Legal data.
    1. You agree that we can amend this agreement any time we need to.
      1. You agree that we will do this by archiving the the current agreement, and posting the updated version in it's place. The archived agreement will be available under a different URL.
      2. This agreement is valid starting 4/3/2023.
    2. You agree that this agreement in no way constitutes a partnership with us or any third party software providers that we use.
    3. By Agreeing to this agreement, you agree to our Privacy Policy
    4. You agree that we aren't responsible for any liability, loss, personal injury, damage, or expense that you may suffer after any transaction on this site.
    5. This agreement is governed under the laws of the state of Oregon, USA.
    6. You agree that any legal disputes with us will be resolved by arbitration in the state of Oregon, USA. However, if you do something bad to us, (i.e. illegal or damaging) you agree that we have the right to seek an injunctive.

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