Privacy Policy:

  1. What information we collect.
    1. We only collect the information that you provide through the following channels:
      1. Information you enter into forms.
      2. By visiting a webpage.
  2. What we do with that information.
    1. We DO NOT SHARE your data with any third party unless,
      1. You enter data into a PayPal form; that data is, of course, shared with PayPal.
      2. You enter data into a form that is clearly marked as being shared with a third party.
      3. You send data to a third party such as when messaging a seller.
      4. We are required to share it with law enforcement/investigation.
    2. We use data such as page visits to keep track of how popular items are. However, this data is IN NO WAY associated with or connected to you, your account, or anything associated with you.
  3. Cookies Policy.
    1. We do not use cookies to target you with ads or fingerprint you.
      1. Currently, we only use cookies to store your session id and,
      2. When you visit a page, we use a cookie to record that the page was visited.
      3. You are free to disable cookies on your browser, but some pages won't work properly if you do.
    2. However, we cannot control the cookies PayPal puts on your computer when you visit a page that has a PayPal form in it.
  4. Your rights over your data.
    1. As set forth in the "Rights" Section of the User Agreement, you have the right to:
      1. Request your data.
      2. Demand data deletion.
      3. Close your account as long as you do not have any active orders or purchases.
  5. Security.
    1. Though we try to make every effort to keep this site as secure as possible, it is well known that hackers always find new security vulnerabilities before the security experts do. You therefore agree that we cannot guarantee perfect data security.
    2. Emails from us almost never contain hyperlinks or buttons. So please DO NOT EVER click on any links or buttons found in emails, even if they appear to be from us.
  6. This policy.
    1. This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. We will try to notify you of changes, but cannot guarantee that you will receive a notification.

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